Time for a mocktail!

Whether you are doing/continuing Dry January, are expecting or simply do not consume alcoholic beverages for any reason, I have compiled a list of some mocktails in the Greater Boston area to explore. I am personally a fan of a glass of wine with dinner. When I was pregnant, plain water made me gag, especially if it was room temperature. I started drinking mocktails here and there and had no idea they could be so delicious!

Burro Bar - Brookline & South End

They have three mocktails currently on the menu, including a delicious Strawberry Lime Spritz! Strawberry, lime, soda water perfection. I make this at home on a regular basis! Simple. Light. Clean.

Citrus and Salt - Berkley Street Boston

Fruity Pebble Iced Tea - Jenwey herbal tea, agave, lemon. How delicious does this sound with some chips and guac? Nothing hits like some good Mexican food.

Drink - Fort Point

Drink does not have a drink menu. Instead, their mixologists welcome you to bring your ideas to the bar and they will craft you the perfect drink, including non-alcoholic.

The Farmhouse - Needham

Craft cocktails are definitely something The Farmhouse does well. I can personally attest to that! They do not let the mocktails go by the wayside either.

Avenue - Medfield

A great list of delicious non-alcoholic options that will make you forget about the booze! Avenue is such a cute little spot right in Medfield center.