Baby Items You Really Do Not Need

When I was putting my registry together while pregnant with my oldest, I was so overwhelmed. Why are there so many options? There's really a product for that? How many burp clothes do I really need? If it was on an "essentials" list, I bought it. I stood in BuyBuyBaby in front of a seemingly endless wall of different shaped pieces of cloth that were labeled for different usages in awe. Below you will find a list of items that aren't really necessary but are usually very cute.

Wipe Warmer - You're never going to be changing diapers in the same room every single time. Just skip it. Keep a few diapers and a package of wipes in the main areas of your home.

Pee-Pee Teepee - Boy Moms, have you seen these? It doesn't work. Toss a wipe over it and it works better.

Baby Shoes - Experts say that babies should be barefoot when learning to walk. They're super cute, but unnecessary.

Button Up Jammies - Oh my gosh, there is nothing worse than the 2:30am diaper change and then have to snap 12 buttons in the dim light from the Hatch. Zipper ups only.

A Changing Table - Save your money. You can put a changing pad on any flat surface, including the floor for a quick change. Changing tables take up so much space and unless you have more babies, their purpose is short lived.

Butt Cream Spatula - By the time you put the diaper cream on the spatula, then on the baby's bum, then put it down and put the diaper on ... you would have been done if you did it yourself without the spatula. Now you have to wash your hands and the spatula. Who needs more things to clean?

Baby Detergent - It's unnecessary. I am saying this as a former Dermatology nurse, if it is "free and clear", meaning there are no added fragrances or dyes that might irritated baby's (or your) skin, you're good.

This is a short list from a mom of three. I will be making another post soon of Newborn Products that are definitely a MUST!