When am I supposed to be booking this?

When you are pregnant, there is just so much to do, to research, to purchase, to prepare for. I don't know about you, but it really overwhelmed me. When do I need to put a registry together? What do I put on that registry? OMG Why are there so many choices for everything!? When is a baby shower supposed to be scheduled? Should I start making freezer meals? How many onesies? What if the 18 boxes of diapers I already bought suck? What sizes? Not to mention the (seemingly endless) appointments. The list goes on and on!

Somewhere between picking out nursery paint colors and car seats pro/con lists, securing your newborn portrait session is essential.

When is the best time for a newborn portrait session?

I have parents reach out to me the day they get the double line on the pregnancy test. I love when this happens, but please know that it is not necessary. Once you are in your second trimester is a good rule of thumb. I also say when you get your ultrasound photos at your anatomy scan, book your newborn photos!

I already delivered, is it too late for a session?

It never hurts to ask! I do tend to book months in advance but that doesn't mean I cannot fit you in if time allows. Some babies are born early, some are born late, some need a little extra time in the hospital. If you reach out to me after your baby has been born and my schedule allows an extra session, I will always make that happen - so don't be afraid to ask!

When is the best time for these photos?

Technically, whenever you want. For those snuggled up, sleepy baby sessions it's best within the first three weeks of life or adjusted age if you have a preemie. If you and your family decide you would rather hold off for a few weeks to settle in, that is perfectly acceptable as well. Please note that the longer you wait the more awake your little one will be for their session. I have done newborns up to 8 weeks old which may sound "too old", but I promise you, when they are five years old and you're looking at those images, that is your itty-bitty tiny baby.