What to wear

What should you wear for your Newborn Portrait Session? I am asked this question by almost every mother before our session together. I always suggest keeping it clean, classic and simple! There is no reason to over complicate things. Classic attire that also reflects you and your family's personal style is what I recommend. Where do you envision these photos being placed in your home? What does your home decor look like? These are a couple of things to keep in mind. Neon or bright, bold colors along with clothing with large logos can be distracting from the beauty of your family.

For parents and siblings, I always suggest light and airy colors - blue tones, earth tones, pastels. Choose your color pallet and it will make building outfits for everyone a little easier. Start with Mom and build from there. Instead of everyone in white shirts and jeans, try to coordinate colors to look cohesive versus matchy-matchy. Have back up outfits, especially for older siblings. Kids are messy, especially when you need them not to be. Avoid last minute stress by having a backup.

Places to shop

Mom: Anthropologie, Free People, Nordstrom, J Crew, Nothing Fits But, Pink Blush, Morning Lavender, Lulus, Baltic Born

Dad: J Crew, Norstrom, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Gap

Older Siblings: Target, Old Navy, Amazon, Vineyard Vines, Janie & Jack